Proudly Organic

Blue Agave Syrup

18oz / 9.5oz

You may use it in desserts, teas, shakes or your favorite drink, since it is sweeter and lower in calories than regular sugar.It also helps control cholesterol,triglycerides and blood pressure . Due to its high energy content, it is ideal for those who practice sports.In moderation, it may be consumed by diabetics, since Agave Syrup does not require insulin to be metabolized. (GI=20

Organic Chocolate

Blue Berry, Coconut, Pecan or Natural

The secret of the bursting flavor and aroma of organic Mayamel Chocolates, lies on the selection of the best organically produced cacao seeds in Mexico, sweetened with Blue Agave Syrup and crafted by expert artisan hands. All this guarantees the richest array of flavors only found in a chocolate tested by the most demanding plates worldwide.

Blue Agave Syrup

60 pouches per box

Because you deserve a healthy life, there is finally a natural way to sweeten whatever you desire. Now in individual pouches so you can bring them anywhere you go.

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